Website Administration

Through our professional website administration services you will gain easy website support, always updated information and content, secured and updated plugins and CMS.

What is an website administration?

Site administration includes technical and information support of the site. The essence of site administration is that you are not worried about either the technical side of the resource or the information side. You completely entrust the work on maintaining the site to professionals

Cost of work

The cost of web administration & support: from $50 / month;

Cyber Security

Over 40% of small businesses are not protected from hacker attacks or data losses.  The best way to fix this problems is to prevent them in the first place with Scheduled Maintenance. Our support for Business can protect from data losses and many hacker attacks like XSS atacks, SQL injections and CSRF atacks. We prevent website form atacks, secured your customers and your data.

Our Services include:

  • Consultations.
  • Antivirus Solution to secure your website.
  • FireWall Settings to avoid potential hackers attacks risks.
  • File system and database access monitoring
  • Users permission management.

Data Backup Solutions

Every business has important data. And we strongly recommend to backup this data to be protected from any disaster. The best way is to backup data locally for fast access and in the cloud for the best reliability.

Our Services include:

  • Consultation based on your office infrastructure.
  • Automated backups onto a local storage.
  • Network Attached Storage setup.
  • Cloud solutions: Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.
  • Cloud management and configuration.

Content Management

The content on the site should always be updated and be relevant to visitors. We management all content on website and make it interesting for visitors customers

Our Services include:

  • Filling the site with text and graphic content.
  • Price control and adding of goods.
  • Editing promotional offers.
  • Creating new pages and categories on the site.
  • Editing and removing outdated information on the site.

Optimization and Analytics

IT solutions can significantly improve your business. We optimize your website for visitors needs. For better interaction with visitors we install analytics systems with the help of which in the future you can better study your customers and provide them with the most needed services or products

Our Services include:

  • On-page SEO optimization.
  • Remarketing configuration for Ads.
  • Website Analytics.

CMS Management and Updating

It is very important to have latest versions of CMS and plugins for better performance and fixing bugs from other developers. Our team monitoring all needed updates and install them to your website.

Our Services include:

  • Monitoring and updating CMS and all site plugins.
  • Installing and configuring all needed plugins for your website.

24/7 Remote Support

Danger in the form of viruses, phishing attacks and other malware is always lurking in the web.The best way to be protected from these dangers is to be covered by professional technical support, which can resolve these issues ASAP!

Our Services include:

  • 24/7 Remote Support with certified technicians.
  • Remote troubleshooting on servers and websites.
  • Determining the best solution based on the issue and details provided by the customer.