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What was the best part about dealing with Leona? A wonderful team and the company as a whole. Optimization done quickly and completely cleaned the site from "garbage". A big plus - personal meetings, good reporting and consulted. We refer to them on many issues and they never denied us for Thank YouWhat would you change about your experience with Leona? Although this company - good working, but they have big problems with the management. Doesn't give us their employees phone numbers. Can't always really get in touch with them right away. They say they are looking for managers and that the problem is with the staff in this area. And they don't always to prepare reports at timeOverall Feedback I ordered their website promotion in Minsk and Kiev. I'm not particularly versed in all of this. I never understood graphs, big reports each month, but I felt theirs work in the form of income. Increased the flow of customers at times. And all of them from the site. What particularly pleased that an excuse to come to us in Minsk to discuss our further cooperation, we have not given up. We Now continue to work with them, but because a year has passed, I was asked to write a review on one of the resources offered by them. They deserve it!

Iryna Matviiv

Leona is a company that brings together true professionals who provide quality services and truly care about the interests of their clients. If you need to design or "promote" your site, do not hesitate to contact this company.