What is an SEO audit?

A technical seo site audit is a thorough analysis of every element that may affect your site’s visibility in search engines. The aim of any seo assessment is to ensure that your website’s implementation and organic search strategy won’t hurt rankings, or organic traffic levels.

Terms and cost of work

The development process takes: from 2 week;

The cost of the audit: from $150;

How we approach to the creation of SEO Audit


Discovery Interview

The Audit begins with a interview, where we will disqus with you company business model, target audience, and business goals and objectives. The interview will be conducted through messanging between you and a Leona's SEO analyst.

SEO Site Review

Following the Interview, a site review will take place. Our SEO analyst reviews and evaluates your site from an organic search engine optimization perspective. The purpose is to break down the site, do preliminary keyword research and competitive analysis, identify potential areas of concern, and provide recommendations on how to correct issues that are hindering the site's visibility in organic search. The review and evaluation will incorporate topics such as site architecture, page construction, web server configuration and link popularity.

​Preliminary Findings Report

While we are performing this research we generally uncover many simple-to-repair issues impacting your site SEO performance. At approximately two weeks we will produce a short "engineering" report citing the items that you can start repairing. We see no need to wait until the final report to get you going on SEO. Since you've already hired us, we see no reason to wait to "wow" you with our report when we can quickly start working together on a few obvious items that need repairing.

SEO Audit Report

Following our detailed research, an SEO Audit Report will be constructed to discuss issues that need to be resolved in order to improve your search engine rankings, as well as to give suggestions and instructions on how to fix them. This report diagnoses symptoms to pinpoint problems, then details each problem and why it matters, specifies a solution, assigns a severity and prioritizes it. A prioritized list of short-term and long-term recommendations concludes this document.This is NOT just an audit! An audit commonly lists issues and may link to resources, but an audit seldom gives a comprehensive and very detailed solution. In fact, we find audits to often be superficial and offer typically vague solutions. Our research covers hundreds of tests in our case studies and review topics and has met with great success.