Corporate social responsibility

This arrangement is out ofline of rules, methods and practices identified with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Leona.

The purpose that we set out in the Corporate Responsibility is to help the society and limit the negative impact on people life in Ukraine and the earth.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a part of our business. We are focused on supporting independence of Ukraine and peaceful sky without war. Leona work with Ukrainian charity organizations, we promote our IT education program for childrens and support their small start-ups with the goal of motivating the development of IT industry in Ukraine and world

Independence & Peace in Ukraine

Corporate charity of Leona responds to Ukrainian society needs by dedicating our skills, time and donate funds to the implementation of different voluntary and charitable initiatives for assistance orphans and militaries.

Every year we develop, support and promote many charity websites and other non-profiit organizations for free. This is our contribution to their activities which promotes charity, peace and love to each other.

We pay special attention to combating the propaganda that the aggressor is bringing to our country. Every day our specialists help other volunteers and organizations to seek out and eradicate propaganda and fake materials from the network in order to protect the country from and preserve its integrity.

Children IT-Education & Supporting

Every year our company organizes "code days" in schools of Lviv (Ukraine). We conducted more than 20 lessons for children of junior and senior classes in secondary schools, more than 40 presentations, master classes and speeches in various academies and educational centers throughout Ukraine.

Leona was first compay in Ukraine who received educational certificates for teaching children in schools with Google Education program. This year, more than 150 children in IT Academy STEP have already attended a course of lectures and master classes on cyber security, the protection of information data, as well as ethics on the Internet.

As 2 years, we are regional jury members at the international IT championship Golden Bite in nomination "Junior Сompetition" and help children to implement dozens of their projects and start-ups.